Part of the GraƱa y Montero Group, providing open cut underground contract mining, construction and mass earthworks services. We have developed a sustainable business based on providing efficient and innovative services to our clients, whilst maintaining the highest standards in safety, environment and community relations.

We have an experienced team of professionals and an equipment fleet valued at approximately 400 millions dollars distributed across our projects in Latin America.

We are a leader in mining services and we grant long-term solutions for our customers, certifying compliance with all of its projects "Before Time" with the quality and reliability they require.


Gold Mining Operations

Shahuindo, Cajamarca, Peru

Establish and undertake open pit mining operations at the Shahuindo gold Project, located in the province of Cajabamba, department of Cajamarca, Peru.

The scope of the agreement includes initial construction works for camps, warehouses, workshops, access road and operational facilities including leach pad, stockpile, wastedump, process plant platform and PLS ponds. Open pit operation would start from July 2015

Source: Stracon GyM S.A.
2.5Earthworks (million m3)
Constancia Copper Mine


Constancia Copper Mine, Cusco, Peru

Stracon GyM has been working with Hudbay Peru in the development of its Constancia Project since August 2011. An Alliance Agreement was formed in November 2012, covering both Bulk Earthworks and Open Pit Mining Operations over an initial 5 year period.

Bulk Earthworks commenced at Constancia in March 2012 and are expected to be completed by end of 2014. The scope includes construction of access and mine haul roads, tailings dams, water storage reservoir, sediment control structures and initial development of the Waste Rock Facility.

Open pit mining operations are expected to commence early in 2014, with 9 months of pre-strip followed by continuous mining.

Source: Stracon GyM S.A.
20Earthworks (million m3)
Toromocho copper, molybdenum and silver mine


Toromocho copper, molybdenum and silver mine, Junin, Peru

From April 2011 to August 2013, STRACON GyM undertook the earthworks for the construction of the Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) and associated structures. These works included the building of access roads, diversion channels, dams and sediment ponds, placing geomembrane, concrete preparation, as well as the development and operation of quarries.

The total scope included 7.5 million m3 of earthworks, placing 120,000 m2 of geomembranes and 30,000 m3 of concrete. The work was conducted in partnership.

Source: Stracon GyM S.A.
7.5Earthworks (million m3)30000Concrete poured (m3)120000Geomembranes placed (m2)
La Zanja Mine

Other diversified metals operations

La Zanja Mine, District of Pulan, province of Santa Cruz, Peru

Currently developing the mine for La Zanja greenfield project. Providing mining services for the operation of South San Pedro and Pampa Verde open pits to produce 100,000 oz. of gold per year. Mining 16 million tons of ore and waste annually.

Source: Stracon GyM S.A.
16Annual ore mined (Million Tonnes)
La Arena

Mine Construction

La Arena, La Libertad, Peru

Development, construction and mining activities of the mine through an Alliance Agreement.

Mine planning, drilling, blasting, loading and hauling of ore and waste. Currently constructing a 15ha leach pad and associated mine infrastructure, mining 37.8 million tons of ore and waste per annum.

Source: Stracon GyM S.A.
Marcona Iron Mine

Iron mining operations

Marcona Iron Mine, Ica, Peru

Between 2008 and 2012, Stracon GyM S.A. provided drilling, blasting, loading and hauling services to develop open pit iron ore mines.

Stracon GyM S.A. mined 32 million tons of ore and waste per year using hydraulic shovels and 100t mining trucks.

Source: Stracon GyM S.A.
32Annual iron ore mined (Million Tonnes)

Tunnel construction

Poracota, Peru

Starting on May 2006, construction of a tunnel and various civil works were developed.

Activities included exploration work, preparation, development and mining services, running horizontal excavations as: Ramps; galleries; cruises; by pass; windows; sublevels and lunges. Vertical mine as: Fireplaces, who had a double compartment, bins and breaks.

Additionally the installation and maintenance of the line system for the transport Cauville material was performed along with various civil works such as construction and repair of concrete curbs, slabs and walls.

Source: Stracon GyM S.A.
15.46Length (km)
Colquijirca Mining Unit (Brocal)

Other diversified metals operations

Colquijirca Mining Unit (Brocal), Pasco, Peru

Mining services provided to Sociedad Minera El Brocal since 1998.

Currently conducting drilling, blasting, loading and hauling of waste and poly-metalic ore from the Northern Pit to the processing plant. Production is 30 million tons of ore and waste per year.

Fuente: Stracon GyM S.A.
30Annual ore mined (Million Tonnes)

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