• 2015

    EIA approval for Tambomayo project

Geotechnical studies

Anddes Asociados

Geotechnical evaluation of settlements and sliding of the processing plant.

Closure plan preparation

Geoservice Ingeniería

Preparation of Yauricocha mining unit Closure Plan (CP) modification. CP components include: Mine entrances, fireplaces, rice climbers, piques, quarries and hopper.

The closure activities include: Progressive closure (until 2020), final closure and post closure activities. CP budget stands at USD 18.390 MM (inc VAT). Final closure and post-closure activities have both an implementation period of 05 years.

According to directorial resolution Nº138-2016-MEM/DGAAM given on May 4th 2016, Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines approved Tambomayo Closure Plan.

Source: Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines
18.390Closure mine budget (USD MM)12.105Closure plan warranty (USD MM)

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Geoservice Ingeniería

Preparation of Environmental Impact Study for Tambomayo project, the project area of direct environmental influence is 1,493 ha while the respective area of ​​indirect influence on Ucriamayo watershed is ​​3,518 ha.

The study includes a description of the physical environment, biological environment, project components, identification and evaluation of potential environmental impacts covering stages of construction and operation as well as social impacts. The environmental management plan for both stages mentioned as well as the program waste management and environmental monitoring program are also included. The EIA also contains the respective closure plan.

According to directorial resolution Nº063-2015-MEM/DGAAM given on January 29th 2015, the Tambomayo project EIA study was approved meeting the technical requirements for the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines and the environmental local regulations.

Source: Geoservice Ingeniería

More contracts, contractors and photos are included in the PDF.


Capital Expenditure
US$ 256M
Project Status
Construction & Development
Production starting date
May 2016
Metals mined
Gold Annual Output (Ounces)
Silver Annual Output (Ounces)

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