Derivation Huascacocha - Rímac

Derivation Huascacocha - Rímac

Empresa Peruana de Aguas S.A.

Build, operate and transfer (BOT)

Empresa Peruana de Aguas S.A.

The first project financed using RPICAOs was the Huascacocha-Rimac water derivation 30-year BOT concession (US$215 million in total project costs) whose aim was to increase the supply of potable water in the highly-populated districts of Lima and Callao. This project was financed through a local currency denominated international note offering backed by RPICAOs.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Geoservice Ingeniería

Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) includes project description considering Huascacocha earth dam, piping systems, pumping station and transmission lines.

Description of environmental and social baseline, identifycation of environmental impacts, vulnerability of the project area and the respective environmental management plan were also analysed.

According to directorial resolution Nº009-2010-VIVIENDA/VMCS-DNS given on Jan 29th 2010, the detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAD) of Derivation Huascacocha - Rimac.project was approved by Peruvian Ministry of housing and construction.

Source: Geoservice Ingeniería

More contracts, contractors and photos are included in the PDF.


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