Hydroelectric Belo Horizonte

Hydroelectric Belo Horizonte

Compañía Energética del Centro owns the concession of Hydroelectric Project Belo Horizonte generation to be developed in central Peru, Huanuco region, province of Leoncio Prado, in Monzón and Rupa Rupa districts.

Geophysical survey

ZER Geosystem Perú

Assessment of ground conditions and recommendations for Defining Parameters of the Hydroelectric Belo Horizonte.

Geophysical exploration of ground by measuring surface waves by using Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) and Microtremor Array Measurement (MAM) methods through which power of the layers was determined with the interpretation of shear S wave (Vs) speeds of the materials conforming the ground.

Geophysical exploration by electrical methods which consisted in conducting field exploration by tomography power, by which the variation of physical property called electrical resistivity was obtained regarding the length and depth of a specific area.

The geophysical exploration determined the propagation velocity of Vs of land in the study area using MASW tests and MAM which allow to obtain dimensional profiles of Vs waves.

Source: ZER Geosystem Perú S.A.C

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