Mega Plaza Huanuco

Mega Plaza Huanuco

Geotechnical studies

ZER Geosystem Perú

As part of the basic engineering studies for new projects, the Group Megaplaza asked the company ZER Geosystem Peru SAC. conducting a geotechnical purposes foundation in the area of ​​location of new local supermarket Mega Plaza, located in the district of Amarilis, Huanuco province and department of study. After the approval of the technical-economic proposal and planning exploration work, the company staff ZER Geosystem Peru, was established to study area for planned activities, however because during the work of field the presence of a filler material contaminated thick that could pose a risk to the foundation of the imaged structures was observed, it was determined, after coordination with the Mega Plaza Group, stopping analysis of the foundation and perform only visual description and analysis of the geophysical survey as evidence of the features present in the study area. The description of the drilling carried out and the results of the geophysical tests developed for this study are described below. This preliminary report provides information on activities undertaken to assess the geotechnical characteristics of foundation soil in the area where the Mega Plaza project is located in the city of Huánuco.

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