Mega Plaza Huaraz

Mega Plaza Huaraz

Ground mechanics

ZER Geosystem Perú

Work performed in the field, laboratory results and geotechnical assessment of soil conditions to analize Slope Stability and Design Foundation of Mega Plaza Mall in Huaraz, Ancash, Peru.

For these purposes exploration works were performed by excavation of test pits and trenches.

The present study determine the depth of foundation and allowable load capacity of shallow foundation elements. Also, since the project structures are near a slope, there is a need to assess slope stability before and after construction.

Source: ZER Geosystem Perú S.A.C

Geotechnical studies

ZER Geosystem Perú

Geotechnical and Geophysical Exploration Methods for Seismic refraction and MASW - Mega Plaza. Huaraz - Ancash.

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