Mega Plaza Ventanilla

Mega Plaza Ventanilla

Geotechnical studies

ZER Geosystem Perú

The MEGAPLAZA group, has asked the company ZER Geosystem Peru SAC performing geotechnical and geophysical evaluation of land where construction MegaPlaza Window Shopping Center, located in the Constitutional Province of Callao is projected. This evaluation consisted in conducting direct examination by running pits and indirect exploration by running tests seismic refraction and measurement of surface waves in multi-channel arrays (MASW) of, by which the power of the strata is determined with interpreting speeds "P" waves and "S" waves of the materials forming the ground where MegaPlaza mall construction projects. After approval of the economic proposal and work planning geophysical exploration, initiated fieldwork for the preparation of this study, the contents described in this report occurred. Purpose of Study The geotechnical exploration was performed in order to assess directly the stratigraphic soil composition, analyzing their current condition for the projection of the foundation of Megaplaza Window shopping center. The geophysical survey was performed in order to determine the speed of propagation of the waves P (Vp) and the propagation velocity of the S waves (Vs) of land in the study area, by testing surface seismic refraction and testing MASW obtaining profiles for S waves, values ​​which will determine the thickness of the layers and the dynamic parameters of the foundation soil. The information obtained is useful to determine indirectly the stratigraphic characteristics of the soils found at different depths.

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