Northern Road N° 4 Pativilca-Trujillo

Northern Road N° 4 Pativilca-Trujillo

US$ 1.9M



Earthmoving, construction of works of art and drainage in the second lane of the highway Pativilca - Div Salaverry, section: Casma - Huarmey.

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Autopista Del Norte SAC

Build and operate (BO)

Autopista Del Norte SAC

Responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of Road Network N° 4: Pativilca - Trujillo, project awarded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications as part of the Plan of Public Works Concessions. The concession contract was signed on February 18, 2009 for a period of 25 years. Construction work began in the section Casma - Huarmey, in November 2010 .

The 356-km-long Northern Toll Road connects the cities of Pativilca and Trujillo and is a part of the Pan American Highway North, a major road link running along the Peruvian coast. The main investments to be made include the construction of approximately 284 km of a second roadway and three bypasses in the cities of Huarmey, Casma and Virú-Chao.

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