Pachitea bridge and access

Pachitea bridge and access

Definitive studies

ZER Geosystem Perú

The objective is the development of the definitive study at technical level for the construction of Pachitea bridge and respective access.

The Pachitea bridge is 356m long, has a 14.25m wide board, a constant depth along the entire length of the bridge and extradosed stiffening, forming four pairs of rigid steel straps with a troncopiramidal section, two of them sustaining the main span of 180m and the other two, anchored to the side spans of 88m span.

The cross-section comprises two longitudinal side drawers to which straps are attached, with 3.5m thick, 1.3m wide, interconnected by transverse beams separate each 4m, with variable depth from 0.82m to 1m.

Source: ZER Geosystem Perú S.A.C

Pre-feasibility studies

ZER Geosystem Perú

Pre investmenr studies and scope studies for Pachitea bridge construction.
Servicios Industriales de la Marina S.A.

Definitive Feasability Study

Servicios Industriales de la Marina S.A.

More contracts, contractors and photos are included in the PDF.


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