Geotechnical studies

ZER Geosystem Perú

Chimbote, located in the district of Chimbote, Santa, department of Ancash - analysis of the assessment of ground conditions and recommendations for foundation design of structures forming part of the Project was Megacentro. Two field exploration campaigns were conducted, the first of which looked at the testing of measuring arrangements multichannel surface wave (MASW) and microtremor measurement in multichannel arrays (MAM), 8 drill holes up to 12 m deep with SPT tests and excavation of test pits. In the second campaign has made further five drill holes up to 12 m with SPT tests in order to refine the zoning of the land in the area of ​​Block A-1. Of these exploration campaigns soil samples were collected for laboratory tests to determine their physical and mechanical properties as well as perform the respective analysis of soil liquefaction potential. The aim of this study is to establish the physical and mechanical characteristics of the subgrade in areas where blocks are desplantarán project structures, in order to make the geometric and geotechnical design of deep foundations by estimating Allowable load capacity and settlement values ​​are likely to materialize in the imaged structures. Activities and results achieved in the analysis and design of deep foundations recommended for structures that are part of the project, as well as evaluating the existing foundation in blocks A-1, A-2, D-1 is documented and D-2.

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