Construction and restoration of access roads

Desvio Imperial - Pampas roadCosapi Ingeniería y Construcción
US$ 928.9K

Desvio Imperial - Pampas road, Huancavelica, Peru

Cosapi Ingeniería y Construcción

Rehabilitation and improvement of Desvio Imperial - Pampas highway of 36.14 km length, 6.6 m width and driveway berms between 0.9 to 2 m..

The project involves excavating a volume of approximately 1 666 247 m3 , 39.4 km of ditches, 11.9 km of canals, a pontoon, walls, culverts and other works of art.

Source: Cosapi Ingeniería y Construcción
36.14Length (km)1.666247Earthworks (million m3)6.6Road wide (m)