Geophysical survey Services

Geophysical studies are scientific methods that measure physical properties of rock formations. Common properties investigated include magnetism, specific gravity, electrical conductivity and radioactivity. Surface as well as borehole geophysical surveys can be executed.

Surface seismic survey might include seismic refraction, seismic reflection, Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) and Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW). Borehole seismic survey comprises full wave sonic logging, cross-hole seismic test, cross-hole seismic tomography.
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YearSupplier NameProject NameCountryProject Owner
 Georys Ingenieros Panoramic Condominium PeruPaz Centenario 
 Georys Ingenieros Casita de la Paz PeruFuente de Vida 
 Georys Ingenieros Expansion of irrigation water service PeruDistrict Municipality of Torata 
 Geoservice Ingeniería Catalina Huanca Mine PeruCatalina Huanca Sociedad Minera S.A.C. 
 Geoservice Ingeniería Catalina Huanca Mine PeruCatalina Huanca Sociedad Minera S.A.C. 
 Anddes Asociados Las Bambas Copper Mine PeruLas Bambas Mining Company S.A. 
 Georys Ingenieros Confidential PeruUniversidad Cesar Vallejo 
 ZER Geosystem Perú Inmaculada Gold and Silver Mine PeruCompañía Minera Ares S.A.C 
2014 ZER Geosystem Perú Hydroelectric Belo Horizonte PeruCompañía Energética del Centro 
2014 ZER Geosystem Perú Palo Redondo dam PeruOdebrecht 
2014 Odebrecht Special Chavimochic Project - III Stage PeruRegional Government of La Libertad 
2014 ZER Geosystem Perú Tailing Dam 3 PeruConfidential 
2014 ZER Geosystem Perú Construction PeruGyM 
2014 Georys Ingenieros Nodo Energético del Sur PeruEnersur SA 
2014 Georys Ingenieros Lote 108 PeruPluspetrol E&P S.A. 
 ZER Geosystem Perú Eng Services PeruJOP Ingenieros 
 ZER Geosystem Perú Engineering and Procurement PeruArcadis Peru SAC 
 ZER Geosystem Perú  Peru 
 ZER Geosystem Perú Camaná Dv.Quilca-Matarani-Punta de Bombón-Ilo-Tacna road PeruMinistry of Transport and Communications Peru